Social Security Disability

When you hire Fagan & Emert LLC as your social security disability lawyer in Lawrence, KS, we will work diligently to get your claim approved. Upon taking your case will immediately begin documenting your medical impairments so that we have a solid appeal to present on your behalf. Unfortunately, pursuing a disability appeal can be a long process. Frequently, this process can take a year or longer to complete. As your lawyer, we will do everything within our power to obtain a successful result within the shortest time possible.

Fagan & Emert LLC is a Lawrence, Kansas law firm providing representation to disabled clients throughout Central and Eastern Kansas. If your application for disability benefits has been denied, a lawyer will sit down and personally review your case with you. During the consultation, we will explain how the disability application process works and we will determine if you have a viable disability case. If you agree to allow us to assist you with your case, there are no expenses or fees unless we win.

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